Saturday, January 5, 2013

Soul Calibur Nude Mod

Like the nude patch for Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball that we featured earlier on this site, the nude patches designed for Soul Calibur IV also have the effect of rendering the female characters of the game without their clothes (pretty ingenious, a nude code that makes the characters naked... thank you Captain Obvious).

Anyway, we have some images of the nude characters from Soul Calibur in this image gallery that we found on the site. Check out the images after the jump. (note some of the images in the gallery were not rendered in the Soul Calibur game engine, but were rendered in other 3D generation computer software... just for a heads up to those purists out there.)
Title:Soul Calibur Nude Mod

724170_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur_animated.gif 724676_Soul_Calibur_Xianghua_animated.gif 724677_Setsuka_Soul_Calibur_animated.gif 729584_Cassandra_Alexandra_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur_animated.gif 730622_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur_animated.gif
731313_Cassandra_Alexandra_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur_animated.gif 731314_Cassandra_Alexandra_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur_Xianghua_animated.gif 724802_Isabella_Valentine_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur.jpg 724816_Mitsurugi_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur.jpg 729585_Isabella_Valentine_Soul_Calibur.jpg
730623_Hildegard_von_Krone_Soul_Calibur.jpg 730842_Soul_Calibur_Xianghua.jpg 730843_Seong_Mi_Na_Soul_Calibur.jpg 730845_Soul_Calibur_Taki.jpg 731312_Cassandra_Alexandra_Sophitia_Alexandra_Soul_Calibur.jpg
Soulx_0.jpg Soulx_1.jpg Soulx_2.jpg Soulx_3.jpg Soulx_4.jpg
Soulx_5.jpg Soulx_6.jpg Soulx_7.jpg Soulx_8.jpg Soulx_9.jpg
Soulx_10.jpg Soulx_11.jpg Soulx_12.jpg Soulx_13.jpg Soulx_14.jpg
Soulx_15.jpg Soulx_16.jpg Soulx_17.jpg

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